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Facebook: Do you trust them? who influenced brexit?

What do you think about Facebook misusing and abusing YOUR personal details - your name, address, pictures, job, your browsing habits, what you do or don't like, your children, family and friends. I don't understand why, given the admission that Facebook has allowed, not only this time via Cambridge Analytica and that company's partners, but allegedly American, Russian and Chinese interests too. I find it amazing that there is anybody who hasn't closed their Facebook account. These people are seriously bad news. They will only take action to protect us if (a) There are laws passed to force them to or (b) enough people shut down their accounts. Hurt them financially - but it seems people will put up with any amount of personal abuse so they can spend hours on social media. Do you know that Facebook is even able to and does collect data on people who don't even have Facebook? They do this by logging who is browsing on a page where they have a logo or advert - scary or what?!