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Farmer Parr's Animal World, Rossall Road, Fleetwood. (01253 874389)


PLUS several chances throughout the day to meet the Piglets.


 – Animal show with plenty of hands-on opportunities
– National curiculum topics tailored to different age groups
– Lamb feeding and other newborns through the Spring and Summer
– Visiting groups have use of the function room
– In addition to the animal farm we also have a large museum
– Catering can be provided or packed lunches welcome
– We can cope with groups of any size
– Plenty to see and do undercover in bad weather
– Lots of outdoor space to enjoy in good weather
– Paddocks, picnic and play areas to enjoy and explore

-  The Pottery Studio and Shop offers a ‘paint a pot’ service to farm visitors

 - Open all year with seasonal events – please see the website.


Freeport Fleetwood Retail Outlet

Enjoy discount on your shopping everyday at Freeport Fleetwood Retail Outlet. It’s the Fylde Coasts retail outlet, where you’ll find bargains for all the family, seven days a week.

Browse around high street names including M&S, Next and Sports Direct, plus many more besides. Enjoy a bite to eat or a coffee at Costa. The kids can play on the adventure ship playground, while you watch the boats bobbing about in the marina.

New stores open fairly frequently at Freeport Fleetwood too, so with along with quickly changing stock in the shops there’s always something new to see.


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A Sainsbury's receipt 1988 from Mrs Diana Lloyd (customer):

Prices then and now


Mrs Lloyd's receipt from 1988.We all know things are getting more expensive, but it can be hard to see by exactly how much. 

But the stark increases in the cost of a trip to the supermarket have been revealed after a pensioner found a 30-year-old receipt from her first ever trip to the local Sainsbury’s in Wolverhampton.

Diana Lloyd, 73, heard her local store was moving and found the old receipt in the bottom of a dusty wardrobe.

"I have no idea really why I kept the receipt, I just always knew I had. And when I heard they were moving I thought I'd have a look for it,” Mrs Lloyd, from Wolverhampton, said.

“It’s like a snapshot in time. It's really fascinating . . . . I can’t believe the cheese was only 50p.”

The 1988 bill for 42 items came to just £17.16. Items included 10 fish fingers for just 89p, some Damson jam for 46p, a loaf of bread for 44p and a 1kg bag of potatoes for 35p.

Only one item - a jar of Nescafe coffee – was priced at over £1 and was sold to Mrs Lloyd for £1.49 on January 19, 1988.

Surprisingly, while most items had doubled in price and some had risen four-fold; one thing had actually become cheaper.

Whiskas chicken cat food cost 36p a tin in 1998 but 67p the last time it was sold in Sainsbury's.

However, overall the cost of the shopping would be easily more than twice as much now – rising from £17.16 in 1988 to around £50 now. There is one more thing to consider though, in 1988 the basic state pension was £39.50 a week, while today it's almost triple that at £113.10 - so buying the same items now uses up a lot less of your money.

If you have a current Sainsbury's receipt and any of your items are the same as those opposite you can see how prices have changed in three decades ! By the way this is shown just as an example and could easily have been any of the other supermarket.

JS supreme cat food - 30p

Whiskas kidney - 36p

JS supreme cat - food 36p

Frisk pilchards - 39p

JS supreme cat - food- 30p

Whiskas tuna - 28p

Frisk cat food - 39p

Frisk cat food - 39p

Whiskas chicken - 36p

JS evaporated milk - 31p

Nescafe 100g - £1.49

Dessert topping - 21p

Whiskas turkey - 36p

JS tuna in brine - 39p

Whiskas lamb - 36p

Potatoes 1kg - 35p

JS soft grain bread - 33p

Thick white bread - 44p

JS thick yoghurt - 24p

Bread rolls x4 - 42p

Red peppers - 31p

JS sunflower margarine - 45p

JS cream crackers -17p

JS cream cheese - 40p

JS thick yoghurt - 24p

Cheese - 58p

Vegetable stock cubes - 57p

JS Rich Tea fingers - 26p

Sea salt - 41p

ST Ivel Gold - 39p

JS potato salad - 44p

JS pear halves - 39p

Kleenex velvet - 65p

JS pork sausages - 48p

JS white Cheshire - 50p

JS strawberry jelly -18p

Cod fingers - 89p

JS bean salad - 45p

JS self-raising flour - 24p

JS granulated sugar - 52p

Damson jam - 46p

Peach jelly - 21p

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helplines and useful numbers

*DO CHECK THIS SITE OUT: https://helplines.org/helplines

Other Listings:

Age UK 0800 028 6654

Blackpool Borough Council 01253 477477

Blackpool Fylde & Wyre Society for the Deaf 01253 351369

Blackpool Registrar Births marriages Deaths 01253 477177

Blood Transfusion Service 01253 300000

Carers UK (Fylde) 01253 292645

Childline 0800 1111

Coastguard 0151 931 6600

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

Disability Information & Support 01253 625553

Environment Agency 0800 807060

Floodline 0845 988 1188

Fylde Borough Council 01253 658658

Gas Emergency Service 0800 111 999 (24 Hour)

Hospital Blackpool Victoria Hospital 01253 300000

Hospital Fleetwood Hospital 01253 300000 

Hospital Royal Lancaster Infirmary 01524 65944

Hospital Royal Preston Hospital 01772 716565

National Blood Transfusion Service 08457 711711

National Drugs Helpline 0800 7766600

NHS Direct 0845 4647

NHS Services Search https://www.nhs.uk/service-search 

North West Water 0845 746 2200

NSPCC 0808 800 5000

Police Blackpool Police Station 01253 293933

Police British Transport Police 0800 40 50 40

Police Fleetwood Police Station 01253 876611

Police Garstang Police Station 01995 607869

Police Lancashire Constabulary 0845 125 3545

Police Lancaster Police 01524 63333

RSPCA Animal Cruelty Line 0870 5555 999

RSPCA Longview Animal Centre (RSPCA) 01253 763991

Samaritans 01253 622218

Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321

Trading Standards (LCC) 0845 600132

Train Times - National Rail Enquiries 03457 48 49 50

Vet 24/7 Emergency Number 01253 729309

Vet PDSA (if applicable)  01253 838585 

Victim Supportline 0845 30 30 900


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Words and phrases we like !



Having respect for all living things and the avoidance of violence towards others. (Tell all the bad guys and politicians - too many to name).


'Cause and effect' - What you do in life will come back to bite you. (so very true).


The fussiness and stupidity of minor officials; petty bureaucracy, box ticking. (fab word applicable to so many jobs-worths and wannabe's these days!)


It has been reported that these days, Police recruits only receive two weeks formal training before being put out on the streets, where further training is 'on the job'. Most recruits know next to nothing at this stage. Poor us and poor them. too. (source BBC 'Thinking Allowed' on R4 - episode Law & Order).

Starter for 40


A 'must have' for your car!

This device is indispensable for any car.  Have had one in the boot for years and it has got me out of trouble several times. Also helped very grateful neighbours more than once! Note there are also 'compact size ones at all prices but we have no experience to offer This portable charger for about £40.00 is from Amazon. Brilliant on those cold wet mornings when the car won't start!

There are also very 'compact sized' ones at various prices - check the feedback from others!

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