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Key departments in Fylde Borough Council, Blackpool Council, Lancashire County Council and local NHS Support Services

Fylde Borough Council



Benefit Fraud

Community Safety

Electoral Registration


Recycling & Waste

Ranger Service

Lancashire County Council


Debt Advice

Drugs & Alcohol Team

Early Years

Energy Efficiency

Family Information Service

Health Improvement

Healthy Living / Eating

Housing Associations


Schools / Education

Smoking Cessation

Trading Standards

Youth Services

Blackpool Council


Public Protection Team

Local News Items

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proper nhs advice and support - not just iffy ONLINE STUFF

Food Facts for Children's Health


NHS - A Plan to help you Stop Smoking


Get Active Your Way


Live Well - Eat Well


Check your Alcohol Consumption


NHS - Sexual Health - Knowledge is good


Well being All sorts of help here!


Drugs - the first step towards freedom




This is a Lancashire County Council site that offers ideas and help on various forms of dementia, helping to prevent, dealing with, advice, planning and more, including a couple of case videos.

Keeping a healthy home


A Lancashire County Council site with help for Crisis, staying active, support, keeping warm and much more.

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Next item awaiting content

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Health - how are you?


The body MOT . . . . You keep your car tuned up - Simple preventive measures could save your life.

Isn't it remarkable that we take our car in for its annual MOT, yet ignore our body until something actually goes wrong? A body MOT would obviously be reassuring and yet, if you talk to doctors and medical specialists, you would discover that most of them do not have regular check-ups!

Why have check ups?

The main reason for getting a health screening is to detect abnormalities or disease at an early stage, so that treatment can be commenced as soon as possible in order to prolong life.

So what diseases actually kill us, and how can they be detected or even prevented from starting? 

The three commonest causes of death in this country are: 

 Heart attacks 

 Strokes 

 Cancer

These 'dread diseases' account for well over 80 per cent of all deaths. We know that certain risk factors can make you more prone to developing these killer diseases, and if we can identify those factors we could prevent many premature deaths.

So let's see what should be included in a simple MOT.

The 'Risk Factors'

1. Family History

If there is a history of heart attacks and/or stokes in your family, particularly affecting relatives before the age of sixty, then you may be at a higher risk of getting these. Specific cancers can also occur more commonly in certain families. For example, if your mother or a sister has had breast cancer you may be more at risk of developing that tumour. 

High blood pressure and raised cholesterol can run in families, and these conditions put you more at risk of developing heart attacks and strokes. 

2. Smoking

Lung cancer is more common in smokers, but other cancers such as cancer of the mouth, lip, tongue, voice box (larynx), gullet, breast, kidney, bladder, pancreas, penis and cervix also occur more frequently.

Smokers are also more at risk of developing gangrene, angina, heart attack, stroke, bronchitis, brain haemorrhage and peptic ulcers. 

3. Weight

Being overweight puts you at risk of high blood pressure, and therefore heart attacks and stroke. But few people realise that overweight and obese women are more likely to get breast cancer, gall stones and cancer of the gall bladder!

4. Blood Pressure

Raised blood pressure puts you at risk of suffering from a stroke, heart attacks, brain haemorrhage and kidney disease. A blood pressure reading persistently above 160/95 is classed as being above normal, and needs treatment with medication.

5. Cholesterol

This a type of fat which is normally present in our blood stream. When it exceeds a certain level, we are in danger of developing heart attacks, strokes, angina and circulation problems. The ideal blood cholesterol level is 5.2, and levels above this should lowered. 

6. Diabetes

This condition where the blood sugar level is raised, places the sufferer at greater risk of many medical problems such as heart attack, stroke, circulation problems, sight defects and kidney disorders. The early signs of this disease include excessive thirst, passing urine frequently and a desire for sweet foods. 

Human MOT

This 'Human MOT' checks six important risk factors and the first three risks can be checked without even going to the doctor: 

1 Family History

Has anyone in the family had heart disease, stroke or any from of cancer, under the age of 60 years? If so discuss this finding with your doctor. 

2 Smoking

Do you smoke? If you do, you should stop. 40% of smokers do not reach retirement! Ask your local pharmacist or your doctor for help in stopping smoking.

3 Weight

You know if you have a weight problem!

The next three 'risks' can only be assessed by a doctor or nurse, and your own GP will decide if you need these tests done. If there is any heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol problems affecting any family member under sixty, then the following should be checked: 

4 Blood pressure

It only takes a couple of minutes to check. 

5 Diabetes

A sample of urine is tested with a 'dipstick', which changes colour if sugar is present. 

6 Cholesterol

This requires a sample of blood to be taken from the arm. Results are usually obtained within 10 days.

So if your MOT shows normal results you have an excellent chance of enjoying a normal healthy lifespan.

To improve those chances even further, all women over 50 years of age can now have a mammogram to detect early breast cancer, and every woman over the age of 25 can have a cervical smear to detect early cancer of the cervix.

NOTE:  This is not an NHS webpage, but, nonetheless, we believe the content is entirely sensible, judge for yourself.


Have your say on seven updated NHS policies


People living across the Fylde Coast have been invited to have their say on seven proposed updated NHS policies, which have been brought into line with national policy following instruction from NHS England.



·  Surgical treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome (pressure on a nerve in the wrist causing tingling, numbness and pain in the hand and fingers).

·  Tonsillectomy/adeno-tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils).

·  Surgical release of trigger finger (swelling of tendons causing difficulty moving the finger).

·  Management of otitis media with effusion (fluid build-up in the middle ear) using grommets.

·  Breast reduction surgery.

·  Surgical management of gynaecomastia (enlarged male breasts).

·  Removal of benign skin lesions.

Suicide bereavement service expanded to support more people in Lancashire


 A service which provides support to those bereaved by a suspected suicide has been commissioned in more areas across Lancashire, offering vital support to local people thanks to national funding aimed at preventing suicides in the region and will launch on Monday 3rd June. 

The support provided by AMPARO is already helping local people in Blackburn with Darwen, Hyndburn and Burnley and has now been commissioned in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre. AMPARO can support anyone affected by a suspected suicide, this can be family members, friends or colleagues. The service provides support in a range of ways including one to one individual support, help with media enquiries, support and guidance up to and including the inquest and signposting to further services. 

The details of AMPARO and information about the support they offer will be shared with all front-line workers who are most likely to be in contact with those affected by a suspected suicide including GPs, firefighters, paramedics and police officers. 


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Lytham St annes & blackpool council services and news

Blackpool Council Services A-Z


Although we comew under St Annes and Lancashire, there are some services that are based in Blackpool, here's the A-Z to make it easier to find what you need.

Blackpool Council News Website


This is a link to Blackpool Council's News page, such as it is. There one or two items per week showing events and topics to note. You might occasionally find something of interest.

St Annes Council Resident Pages


This is the Residents Section of the website, you can click on other aspects shown on this page if you need to.

St Annes Council News Items


At the bottom of this page are a few hidden news items. May be if interest but the headings are partly obscured by the design!

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