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Our world in their hands - really?

Stubborn, Doesn't engage others & Clueless?


Anyone who gets it wrong as many times as Mrs May - including seriously diminishing our police force (when she was Home Sec), misjudging the outcome of her own 'called' general election, failing to rally her party in the Brexit fiasco and refusing us a second referendum on the grounds that we had no idea of the huge implications of leaving Europe and how badly we were deceived the first time, is unfit to preside over anything. Worse than all that is the stupidity of dangerously hanging onto the coat tails of the USA & the erratic, untrustworthy and unstable Donald Trump. We should be closer to Europe not separated - we are not an all powerful empire any more. We should also be promoting ties to China, which is the emerging superpower and seeks trade with us.

* We should also be telling the USA that we will not be dictated to and will not import their poultry washed in chlorine, or beef injected with hormones. Their food standards are lower then ours.

Ambitious Self-server?


The verbal cock-ups uttered by this man as Foreign Secretary were innumerable. What was Teresa May thinking, giving this inept self-server the most important international job in our government? He was not fit for purpose. In these days of world tensions and unrest, surely we needed a true diplomat - capable of dealing at the highest levels with world leaders without causing friction and irritation. He insults Muslim women and entire countries - China, Russia, France, Italy and Congo to name but a few and then back-stabs his own leader and his own family. Shouldn't Mrs May have shown some grit and dumped him. Is he just another self-empowering narcissist or does he actually have something to benefit the country? 

* No-one seems to have anything in their bags to contribute to the reduction of the considerable austerity and poverty problems the country continues to face other than argument and rhetoric, including Jeremy Corbyn who may not have joined the 21st century yet!

Risk Taking Sociopath?


A sociopath can be defined as a person who has a serious 'Antisocial Personality Disorder'. This disorder is characterised by a total disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behaviour, narcissism, egocentricity and the willingness to use and repeatedly lie to other people in order to achieve his or her goals. Sociopaths consider other people merely tools to be used and abused. Many of us know one - they are often successful and appear charismatic. This one separates little children from their mums & dads, promotes racism and sexism and puts the world at risk of war by unrelentingly alienating China, Russia and others, destroying treaties, waging trade wars, making cold wars, to say nothing of pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. There are no special relationships in Trump's world

* Our government needs to distance the UK from this extremely dangerous man. Trump is pompous, like Custer - and remember what happened to him!

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NHS 'in debt' news story

Source: BBC News.

Is it right that the NHS should be though of as 'in debt'? We all rely on the NHS for our wellbeing and frequently our very lives. Isn't it about time funds for foreign wars, bad political investments and decisions, as well as propping up 'doomed' businesses and banks ceased in favour of our health? Shouldn't the government's sense of priority be refocused? Tell us what you think. £20 if we publish your response.

Check your nhs trust's performance






Which famous person or celebrity do you think could successfully do these jobs?!

- Health Minister

- Education Minister

- Home Office Minister (Immigration,

- Security, Law & Order)

- Foreign Minister

- Transport Minister

- Defence Minister

- Minister for Housing, Communities and Local Government

- Prime Minister


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issue of the week


Youth climate strikes to take place in more than 100 countries

 - - - - - - - -

Movement inspired by Greta Thunberg has snowballed, as Belgian workers join strike

 - - - - - - - - 


Hundreds of thousands of children are expected to walk out of their classrooms on Friday for a global climate strike amid growing anger at the failure of politicians to tackle the escalating ecological crisis.

Children at tens of thousands of schools in more than 100 countries are due to take part in the walkouts which began last year when one teenager - Greta Thunberg - held a solo protest outside the Swedish parliament.

Since then the climate movement has snowballed with schoolchildren on every continent except Antarctica taking part.

Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel peace prize

Friday’s strike is expected to be the biggest yet as evidence mounts of the climate emergency facing the planet. Amnesty International has warned that the failure of world governments to tackle the crisis could amount to “one of the greatest intergenerational human rights violations in history”.

Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International’s secretary general, said: “It’s unfortunate that children have to sacrifice days of learning in school to demand that adults do the right thing. However, they know the consequences of the current shameful inaction both for themselves and future generations. This should be a moment for stark self-reflection by our political class.”

Young people are expected to take to the streets in cities across Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and the US on Friday.

 In the UK more than 10,000 children walked out of class last month and 

It's shameful that children have to do this . . . .


organisers expect Friday’s event to be even bigger with about 100 events taking place involving thousands of schools across the country. 

Anna Taylor, 17, who co-founded the UK student climate network, said: “Young people in the UK have shown that we’re angry at the lack of government leadership on climate change.

“Those in power are not only betraying us, and taking away our future, but are responsible for the climate crisis that’s unfolding in horrendous ways around the world.”

Taylor said the UK had been relatively shielded from the effects of the crisis so far, adding that “those least responsible for contributing to climate change are already suffering the worst effects”.

She added: “It is our duty to not only act for those in the UK and our futures, but for everyone. That’s what climate justice means.”

In Scotland, the Guardian is aware of strikes planned in 19 different locations, from South Uist in the Outer Hebrides to St Andrews on the east coast, with large gatherings expected in Glasgow’s George Square and outside the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh. 

One of the UK’s most prominent school strikers, Holly Gillibrand, will be taking  part, after staging a weekly action outside her school in Fort William, in the Scottish Highlands.

“It’s going to be quite impressive,” said Gillibrand of the School Strike for Climate movement, “and it’s incredibly inspiring that it all started with Greta striking on her own”.

Asked whether she feels optimistic about the potential of Friday’s protest, Gillibrand replied: “I wouldn’t say optimistic is quite the right word. It shows there are thousands of students out there who care very deeply about the environment and are willing to miss school to demand that politicians take this ecological crisis seriously.”

World leaders may listen to the school pupils taking part in one of the largest global climate change protests ever, but the key test is whether they take action, said the 13-year-old.

According to the Scottish Green party, nine councils – which cover 16 of the 21 Scottish locations understood to have schoolchildren involved in protests – have indicated in response to letters from their MSPs that they will not pursue punitive action against young people taking part.

. . . . because 'adults' have not and will not.


Méabh Mackenzie is organising a protest with about 30 fellow pupils from Daliburgh primary school on the island of South Uist, with the express purpose of standing in solidarity with other threatened island communities across the globe.

The 11-year-old explained: “I just wanted to share what I believe in. Uist is really low lying and I really love the place and don’t want it to disappear.”

Some friends are “not into it at all”, she suspects because they do not want to go out in the cold – the forecast is for hail on Friday.

“I think all the striking around the world will let politicians and lawmakers know that they have to do something because it is falling down the list of priorities. They are arguing about things like Brexit but we need them to act now on climate change. because in 12 years we can’t turn anything back.”

In Belgium, thousands of workers will be striking to join the school students’ protest in locations such as Antwerp, Bruges and Liège, before travelling to Brussels for a large demonstration.

Blue- and white-collar workers are being mobilised across the Flemish-Francophone divide, after an appeal from the Youth For Climate campaign, which has organised weekly demonstrations of up to 35,000 youths since January.

Gina Heyrman, a spokeswoman for the 1.6 million-strong socialist trades union ABVV-FGTB, noted “similarities” with the Paris protests of 1968.

She said: “This is the first time we have had a political strike together with young people. Maybe we’re at the beginning of a new era. I hope so. Everyone talks about the climate now. Everyone is aware of it, thanks to the students.”

The rival CSC Christian trade union is also planning a “massive mobilisation”, although some of its workers cannot strike because of a strike notification law.

The CFDT union in France is also calling for every member to participate in Friday’s climate action.

Earlier this year Thunberg, who started the movement, told a gathering of political leaders and billionaire entrepreneurs in Davos: “I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. And then I want you to act.”

(from The Guardian, March '14)

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rants & raves - bumper 1st edition!

There are so many issues affecting each of us. Do you have passionate views? Tell us what you think.


Does anyone agree that this is the most useless and uncaring government in living memory? Is this current crop of politicians of all flavours merely inept, divisive and self-empowering. I believe that the heads of department and ministers have been idly destroying the country even before Cameron resigned as the fool who triggered the whole Brexit fiasco in the first place. Every vital aspect of the country's needs has been either taken apart by reduced or withdrawn funding or completely ignored so Mrs May and her friends and enemies inside government can hold on to power at any cost. Huge volumes of suffering and death have been caused by the callous nature of politicians of all persuasions, whether it be Mrs May desperately hanging onto her position or the various hardline Brexiteers who are steering us to destruction, or the ridiculous Corbyn who is also destroying his own party. Then you have the self-serving Boris and Jacob who have so many faces between them it's hard to know which one to look at. The country is in a hell of a mess and I for one can't see anyone who is capable of pulling us out of it. Perhaps it's time the population, who these morons are supposed to represent, expressed no confidence and demanded that all three main parties and the new breakaway group stopped looking out for themselves and fighting each other. Instead we need them to work together for the good of the country, sort out Brexit and reverse the enormous damage done to our services. In the end it is our country and our children who these idiots are damaging. Is that too strong? What do you think?


How should the NHS be funded? Clearly the current ad hoc monies ‘given’ by our government doesn’t work – the NHS should be above the status of financial recipients deemed important or not (depending on the day) by successive governments. The NHS is the life or death and the quality of life for our parents, our children, the young and the old and ourselves. Each of our lives and our longevity will likely depend on the NHS at some point and except for food, there can be nothing more important. Yet politicians consider it’s funding to be on a par with foreign wars, ‘Victorian-esqe’ expansion adventures, faster trains, propping up failing banks, more air traffic and (too large) businesses run into the ground by greedy ‘fat controllers’, or avoiding their tax obligations - to say nothing of the self-serving unethical financial supporters of political parties. Closely allied to the NHS  is (of course) Social Care – yes we’d like some! The latest figures (BBC News ) show that 3,500 people waited more than a year for 'non urgent' (bones, hips, etc) operations, whilst the number  waiting more than 18 weeks is now over 1/2 a million. What is the point in anything else if we have to live in pain unnecessarily or die early? How do you think the NHS should be funded and run?

Following on from 'The NHS in Debt video article above, there are mumblings that the way the NHS is funded and run should change. Should there be a charge made to in-patients who attend due to their own lifestyles? Crowd and Football violence, obesity (not due to medical reasons), smoking, alcohol and drug abuse? A&E would not be included in this. Should there be  a £5 per visit or a day for inpatients except those on certain benefits. This could be written into statute  that the 'fee' could only ever rise with formal published inflation and would not be the beginning of the end of the ethos that the NHS is essentially a free-to-all health service. The NHS it seems does not have central buying, which is ridiculous and must cost many millions a year in lost 'quantity discounts' and 'delivery scheduling'. Experts believe the NHS has become top-heavy in management layers of non-clinical staff. Many of these people are more political and administrative than of actual use to the hospitals and patients. Perhaps these layers should be stripped away with reporting more centralised and simplified. Could these ideas work? Should such radical changes be installed as soon as possible? Call on the NHS is only ever going to grow each year with the advent of new treatments, population growth and people living longer. Clearly the NHS cannot just stay still - do you have ideas for what could help?


It is unbelievable that in this country - one of the five richest in the world, our government has allowed Social Care to dilute into crisis whereby vulnerable people are actually dying  for want of support and proper care. Our politicians should remember that one day they may be the ones needing the support of others, also 'what goes around comes around'. In parallel with that, how can we be in the 21st century and have thousands of people sleeping rough, cold and under-fed in doorways and on the streets? Both central and local governments understate the numbers of desperate people who often find themselves in that position, often through unforeseen, or uncontrollable events in their lives. Government led excessive austerity is causing death, damage and disaster to people across the country who cannot help themselves. What have we become?


Simply put,  Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter and all the others should be regulated for antisocial content and not made available to children under 16? Until then, aren't they too immature to be able to analyse how to use these sites and how to avoid the nasty side – which is dangerous and often bullying, abusive and open to illegal activities by the bad people in society?

On-line child grooming  has skyrocketed recently, with Instagram (owned by Facebook) being named as the worst offender in not cleaning up its platform. The NSPCC  calls on the government to stop talking and take urgent action in the light of its finding that over 5,000 offences have been found by police in the 12 months leading up to Christmas. 500 cases have been reported in the North West alone in the last 6 months. Fines of a few millions here and there are nothing to Facebook. Zuckerberg couldn't care less. Rumour has it he is too busy planning to launch a Facebook currency - how incredibly scary is that? World domination via technology - sound ridiculous, does it - Watch this space.?

One case involved the grooming and subsequent rape of a 13 year old girl by a 24 year old man. He was found and sentenced to 5 years. The problem with that sentence is that he will be out in half that and will almost certainly re-offend, because he is attracted to children and a couple of years behind bars won't change that. These people need to be put away for life - after all, they ruin the lives of the children they abuse. What if it was your young daughter?

Change.org have launched a petition to bring pressure to bear on Facebook to remove its 'live platform' on which the Christchurch, New Zealand killings were filmed and streamed live on Facebook. Thhis is a vehicle open to anyone to live stream anything - rape, child abuse, knife attacks via this vile organisation. When are world leaders going to control this publishing monster. Needless to say, because it is an American company it is Trump who has to take action - don't stand in the rain waiting for him to act - but surely many of the most powerful and influential world leaders can pressure this man to take action now.


This is a hugely influential platform for our children and we would do well to recognise that. Children follow what are loosely know as 'Famous YouTubers', but they need to accept and realise that almost no children will become ultra successful 'YouTubers' any more than music stars, famous actors, or Premier League footballers and that even then, such a status will be very short lived. Since Google bought YouTube it seems to allow pretty much anything to be broadcast or shown. It seems that much content is infested in large parts by moronic American (and sometimes UK) children and teenagers engaged in pranks that many of us would consider grounds to have them sectioned – let alone those cretins who come up with more and more ways to destroy top of the range iPhones and other expensive items so children think they are ‘awesome’ Yuk. It also doesn't help our children with spelling and we need to realize(!) that.

Of course YouTube has a huge positive side promoting music, fun and lots of useful facts and information as well as solutions to problems of ‘how do I do this, or fix that?' and, like Google, genuine health, education and work related content too!’


Our police force has been pillaged and miniaturised to the core and is, in the main, ineffective. It cannot prevent or solve anything more than the most serious of crimes and for the same reasons, it cannot investigate anything in any space of time that would make it useful or able to gain a result, or more importantly intervene before the crime has been committed. Our children need to understand that. It has been reported that police recruits now receive only two weeks formal training before being dumped on our streets and expected to make a difference - whilst learning on the job. It is not their fault, governments of all flavours continue to fail in this area too.

Knife assaults, murder, drug dealing, child abuse and paedophilia numbers continually rise and yet there are no police available to catch the bad guys. Then the courts hand out intolerably weak sentences that send messages to the next wave of sub-human offenders.

Mrs May stood up and said that there is no particular connection between police numbers and the escalation in violent crime - How dare she?

Why does the law say that only when someone has been caught carrying a knife TWICE will they be arrested and charged? Why not the first time, why should they be carrying a knife at all?


Are children taught what to do in an emergency? Suppose someone tried to take hold of them, do they know what to do? 'Drop to the floor, scream "Help me, I don't know this person" repeatedly, kick punch, scratch, bite, flay around.' If being followed or if they feel 'threatened', they should run into a shop or an office or somewhere close where there are people and shout "Help me, I'm scared, I think someone is following me." People will always help a child. If lost in a supermarket, they should find someone who works there, or go to a till, or a security guard and tell them they are lost. Can they describe their parent or guardian? Do they know their parent's or carer's mobile number? - they certainly should.


We should, wherever possible, make every effort to avoid products containing Palm Oil. Huge areas of Rainforest and other jungle and forest areas are being cleared to grow palm trees. The problem is that this further harms our climate as well as the natural habitat of many species including Orang Utans. Palm Oil is often disguised on packets and bottles 'contains' descriptions, but generally if you see the word Palm as a word or part of a word - that's the clue. Palm Oil is in about 50% of the items on supermarket shelves. Humanity is so desperately self-destructive . . . .

Our good friend Trump is now telling us that unless we import their chickens that have been washed in chlorine and beef from cattle that have been injected with hormones, we may not be able to reach a deal with the USA. He tells us our farming methods belong in a museum. I know what our opinion is, but what is yours?


We are now starting to suffer from the effects of global warming that continual governments have mumbled on about for decades, but have done nothing about, except to make plans to have meetings to discuss change within 10 or 20 years. Then we have our ‘best friend’ Trump jumping out of the Paris Agreement - the only solid international plan to reduce the continual growth of the problem, just to please the uncaring short-sighted business leaders he relies on to retain power and be re-elected. This mindless 'people-user' doesn’t care that his own grandchildren may well all fry or freeze or drown or starve because of his self-serving stupidity and the ‘good ol’ boys’ of middle America. Why is that moron allowed to actively promote the destruction of humanity (that's what it is)? If you doubt the climate change danger, explain why the weather and our seasons have changed so dramatically , why the 'ice cap' is breaking up and why such storms are being experienced across the globe?


Should we continue to be so close to the US? Shouldn’t we be more forward thinking and be much closer to our neighbours in Europe, plus China and the East. China will soon be the world’s largest economy and they need trading partners like us more than we need the US of A. We are now subject to the vagaries and mood swings and mind changing of the most untrustworthy and unreliable US President and self styled 'world leader' in history.  The way he's going the USA is going to have no friends! China, Russia, Europe - he bad mouths everybody - worse, he's two-faced and hides behind Twitter to slag people off after having 'meaningful and friendly' meetings with them face-to-face. To believe the UK and USA have a special relationship under Trump is a fallacy.  He will betray us just like everyone else.


You should know that we are, as we said in the beginning, 'non-political' - in other words we think that most politicians of all flavours are at the bottom of the moral human food chain, so we can claim genuine neutrality! The point of 'Opinions' is to bring contentious and provocative, but hopefully fair propositions to the fore - if you agree, or strongly disagree let us know, your views are what count - and you might find fame on our esteemed (nearly) pages! Go on, tell us what you think - you are absolutely allowed to (but please keep it legal, decent, honest and true).

We think that Dara O'Brien, Ian Hislop, David Mitchell, or Jo Brand could do a far better job than most of the politicians out there!  (Ed).


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HOW can any government justify this ?


Austerity in the UK

 "The UK government has inflicted 'great misery' on its people with punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous austerity policies driven by a political desire to undertake social re-engineering rather than economic necessity, the United Nations poverty envoy has found."

Read the article

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 A child asked his father, "How were people born?" So his father said, "Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies became adults and they made babies, and so on." The child then went to his mother, asked her the same question and she told him, "We were monkeys then we evolved to become like we are now." The child ran back to his father and said, "You lied to me!" His father replied, "No, your mum was talking about her side of the family."

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