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home wifi extender / booster


Coredy Home WiFii Extender

When your WiFi signal becomes weak in certain parts of your home, the answer is often a simple 'extender' or 'booster' to strengthen the signal where it is weak. There are several of these around and the one we like and that works and is not expensive is the Coredy N300 Mini WiFi Range Extender. It is simple to set up and there is good available telephone help if you get stuck! At £16.99 from Amazon, this is a good buy. Best of all - it works!


Hints from bt: improve WiFi SignaL + restore Windows 10


Restore Windows 10

If your Windows 10 Op Sys needs help to recover, this procedure needs concentration and is undertaken at your own risk!


Improve your WiFi Signal

Getting the best from your WIFi can be tricky, this may help.

'WHICH' Best and worst internet providers 2019



If you want to subscribe to 'Which', you can pay just £1 to get a trial and see if you like it. You can also get a full list of the best Internet Providers.

Check out the site first though, it's free and quite useful.

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does this ring your tone ???? !!!!

Interesting video from the 'Tonight' program on ITV recently.

What do you think - does it ring a bell?

It does with us - ouch!

Antidote to boredom

Mainly for younger folk, but for anyone in danger of being bored!

If you're thinking this Autumn or Winter "I have nothing to do!" No more excuses - here are 60 things you can do the next time you are bored - Some of these will need permission from your Parents or 'Older People' first.

1. Write a story and put it up on a website – see if anyone likes it (remember it has to be Legal, Decent Honest & True – don’t upset others!)

2. Go swimming, play tennis, go trampolining, basketball, shooting or archery (local Scouts or YMCA often has these activities.

3. Attend a school or college football game, or another sport

4. Play touch football with friends

5. Have a Charity Shop challenge (everyone buys something from any charity shop and the best gets a prize!)

6. Eat chocolate then go for a jog!

7. Take out your camera, get some good / interesting shots / you might have a talent / show your friends

8. Read a scary book or one that makes you laugh

9. Go for a hike with friends – not on your own!

10. Play Group games: Twister, Charades, Pictionary, Football Monopoly, etc

11. Make home made Chilli or Pizza, or pasta bake

12. Make a seasonal imaginative salad

13. Knit a scarf

14. Press leaves

15. Play Blind Man's Buff (google it for how to play - good fun for 3 or more!)

16. Donate food to a food bank (ask first!)

17. Have a Harry Potter party

18. Organise a Treasure Hunt

19. Have a home made cakes and cookies party, everyone has to contribute!

20. Go apple picking or other seasonal fruit - not someone's garden!

21. Make art of out leaves

22. Take a mate or two and go to a working farm for some help-out fun

23. Drink fancy coffees / teas

24. Bake pies

25. Have a photo-shoot in a leaf pile

26. Make toffee apples

27. Decorate or change your room round

28. Earn extra cash by walking dogs, discuss with your parents first, be safe!

29. Bake biscuits, then eat them with your friends - yummy!

30. Take a nature walk

31. Think of creative Halloween costume ideas

32. TRICK OR TREAT, because who hates sweets and chocolate?!

33. Decorate/carve pumpkins

34. Have a Picnic inside or out!

35. Have an apple dunking party

36. Write a funny story for any children in your family - they will love it!

37. Go to your local theatre - you may be surprised at what's on

38. Learn to knit

40. Visit your local football club, learn their history, buy a cheap momento

41. Have a bonfire party - even in summer!

42. Go to a car boot sale. Take your own stall with friends?

43. Pick fruit from a farmers market

44. Have a Halloween party

45. Go to a local fair (tabletop/church/school) Find something really cool!

46. Watch old scary movies

47. Dye your hair seasonal or sensational colours

48. Go to an outdoor concert

49. Buy a second-hand game. Save your money, why does it have to be new?

50. Have a sleepover

51. Have a seasonal BBQ with friends

52. Make something from old stuff. Cut up jeans, dye something, feels good!

53. Have a photo shoot competition with your friends, include your pets

54. Bead some bracelets

55. Airbrush paint art, tee-shirts and other nifty things!

56. Take your dog for a walk.

57. Go paint balling or laserquest (can be a bit expensive 'though)

58. Make a scarecrow in your garden - no you can't use your young brother!

59. Be arty - draw a self portrait, or invite a friend and draw each other!

60. Have a tug-o-war over a mud hole with friends (Your parents will love that)!



Arrived early, exactly as described, very impressed.

We bought a used iPhone 6S. We chose a 32gb, unlocked / SIM-free, 'Space-Grey' colour, black glass model in '‘Pristine” condition with fingerprint scanner intact and with free wireless ear pods which really work well. Great price £140, inc delivery.

There are many websites selling second-user and / or refurbished  phones, especially iPhones. Even worse, there are two kinds of refurbished: (1) Those fully checked, parts replaced and dispatched with a full 12 months guarantee. (2) Others merely checked over by the seller company and shipped out. Most are offered in a variety of conditions from 'poor' to 'pristine plus' Do check out what you want as this affects the selling price.

NB: This is not a paid for avert for the above company, but we were so impressed, we thought they were worth a mention.

Excellent Supplier in our experience.

Remember: Generally speaking, when on EBay, select suppliers very carefully and look for opportunities to 'click and collect' from  local stores such as Argos. This helps to show that the supplier is well set up. Check feedback and see what others have said. When buying clothes and items that are size sensitive, remember to see what others have said about 'expected fit' and the reality when delivered, plus free or chargeable returns!

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difficult to find help for gamers & Others


Fortnite / Epic Games Support (the only tel no we could find is USA: 001 919 854 0070). (V.Poor) *

* Epic Games is a very difficult company to communicate with and that's how they want it.

Full details are:

Epic Games, Inc.
620 Crossroads Blvd.
Cary, NC USA.
Tel +1 919 854 0070
Fax +1 919 854 0055

Their online 'help' is:

As with many of these companies, they don't care about individual customers, they just want the money from the millions who play their games and don't hassle them! Various blogs about Epic Games / Fortnite support state their customer support is terrible and other descriptions we won't use here!* 

Rainbow 6 Siege / Ubisoft: 0371 664 1000 (V.Good) *

* We contacted Ubisoft once. We got through quickly and the solution to a problem was solved immediately. This was very good.

Apple Support: 0800 107 6285 (Good) *

* Apple's support, use of passwording, sensitivity, etc, is (we think) over complicated and protective. However their support does solve problems but be prepared to wait on the phone for lengthy periods.

XBox Help: 0800 469 9269 (V.Good)*

* Usually very easy to contact and get a resolve. Phone delays possible at peak times, but not too bad.

Amazon Customer Service: 0800 279 7234 (V.Good) *

* If you have a defective product from Amazon, or one that is not as described, call them and ask that they credit you NOW with the value of your purchase (so you can buy something else from Amazon) or that they credit your card back NOW. Ask them to send a free returns label by email. They will do this but if you haven't returned the item within 30 days, they will recharge your debit/credit card - which is only fair. NOTE: This (of course) won't work if you bought the item from a third party on Amazon's site - only if you bought it directly from Amazon.


Teen stuff: games, clothes & more

All about Sleep


All about the Game


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alex's column (under construction)


Hi - I'm Alex. I'm 13 and, like most people, I go to school, play on my XBox and see my friends. I go to the park on my bike or scooter and, as I have just got a PC, I'm getting used to that too.

In this column you'll see stuff from my point of view about games, sports, school, DTs, computers, girls, lads, adults, pets, friends, my bedroom, YouTube, going out, staying in, homework, bullying, clothes, things to do, things I've done, places I've been, and experiences with social media.

You can email me with your thoughts, feedback and ideas for what you'd like to see in this column. An original idea can win you a £10 note!


THIS IS A FOOLPROOF CODE FOR KIDS . . . . . . . . Sorry mum, dad, teacher, auntie, granddad, uncle, sister, brother . . . . !

never struggle with percentages again !


Answers to Percentages questions are the same both ways round:

So 14% of 10 is the same as 10% of 14 which is 1.4. Whichever way round is easier will work the same. Another example is 18% of 40, which is the same as 40% of 18 which is 7.2. Don't know why it works, but it certainly does!