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a bit of fun: the top 10 weird phone insurance claims !

Many mobile phone users can be economical with the truth when making insurance claims, but . . . .

All 10 of the weird insurance claims here were checked out by insurance company staff, and ruled to be true. Whether or not they fell within the terms of their insurance policy and secured the payment their owners hoped for is quite another matter.

One mobile Insurance company said they had 64 claims from phone users who had damaged their phones by walking into solid objects while texting.

A spokesperson for the firm stated: “We tend to see a lot of weird and wonderful claims coming in from customers, but these 10 had to be the most bizarre. 

1. A farmer in Devon claimed his iPhone had disappeared inside the one of his cows when he’d been using the torch on his iPhone whilst assisting the cow during calving. The phone later made an appearance, but was damaged.

2. A lady in her early 40s from Nottingham claimed that she’d baked her phone into a Victoria Sponge she’d been making for her daughter’s birthday. It didn’t endure the heat of gas mark 5.

3. A lady in her 30s claimed she’d been walking her Cocker Spaniel on Barry Island beach, Wales, when a seagull swooped down and took her Samsung Galaxy from her hand.

4. A woman in her late 20s from Bristol claimed the vibration function on her phone had stopped working whilst she was using it for 'an unusual' application.

5.A 40 year old construction worker said his phone had fallen out of his back pocket when he pulled his jeans down before sitting on the loo. Not realising, he then flushed the chain. The phone didn’t flush, but underwent serious water damage.

6. A man in his 30s claimed he’d been filming monkeys from the car window in Longleat Safari Park with his HTC phone when a monkey climbed on the roof and snatched it.

7. A couple re-enacting the "I'm King of the World!" scene from Titanic lost their phone over the side of their cruise ship, whilst trying to take a photo of themselves.

8. A pyrotechnician was setting up a show for the National Fireworks Championships in Plymouth, and having left his iPhone within the "blast zone", it was found later, when he returned post-show, having apparently been fired 3,000 feet into the air before exploding as part of a stunning display.

9. A lady in her 20s from Liverpool admitted she’d thrown her phone at her boyfriend, whom she’d discovered was cheating, but it missed him and hit a wall; breaking the handset.

10. Rather than paying £60 for a ticket to see Blur at their sell-out Hyde Park shows, one customer tried to film the event on his iPhone from up a nearby tree - he got a little too excited as the band came on stage though, and dropped his phone onto the concrete below.


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tell us about call centres

Tell us about your experiences with call centres. Good or bad, £20 for the best story!

1. Which company?

2. Month and Year of incident?

3. What was it about (no details needed)?

4. How long were you on hold til a person spoke to you?

5. Intelligence and knowledge of the agent?

6. Were they Friendly & Helpful / Indifferent / Rude?

7. Was there an apology if they were in the wrong?

8. Do you think they understood that customers pay their wages?

9. Was your problem resolved?

10. Score this call 1-5 (1 terrible, 2 poor, 3 fair, 4 good, 5 excellent)?

- - - - Please remember the story must be 'Legal, decent, honest and true'

Look out !

Apple 'Airdrop'


Children need to know:

There is a function called 'Airdrop' whereby iPhone users can set up an 'auto-send' to any other iPhone in a 10m range of any material they like, so long as potential recipients have 'Airdrop' switched on. Senders can also 'spoof' their idenetiy making recipients believe the content is from someone else - including someone they know, even though it isn't. Another example of the irresponsible corporates putting our children at risk. We need to advise our children.

Carrying a knife - twice


The stupidity of the law is currently that those who carry knives can only be arrested and prosecuted if they are caught carrying a knife - twice. How dumb is that. Why would they carry a knife the first time, why not stop the rot there and then. By the time they have been caught twice, they could have killed someone as a result of being let off the first time.

Facebook used to live-stream the Christchurch massacre


The Christchurch massacre in New Zealand was terrible enough, but the fact that the low-life who carried it out was able to live stream what he was doing as he did it via Facebook is stunning. Facebook say the video was viewed some 4,000 times before they were alerted and were able to remove it, but in reality that figure could be considerably higher. Why is this facility offereed and allowed given the times we live in and the volume of bad things that occur?

We can see you!


Did you know that both Facebook and Google can track you across the internet with everything you view AND can track you via satellite link too? They can do this whether you are logged into them or not. They can also snap up details of your friends and contacts without your permission.

MoMo Sicko


I expect / hope every parent of school children has been alerted to this, if not contact your school to find out more.

McDonald's in trouble again


This time McDonalds is being accused of promoting obesity via its annual promotion 'Monopoly' which encourages people (especially effective with children) to buy more junk food. There are lots of prizes to be won. McD tell us all that if you win a food prize there is a healthy option too - eg fries or salad - but we bet most kids won't choose salad !

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The recycling 'green dot' is meaningless - ignore it


The Green Dot does NOT mean an item is recyclable - it means absolutely nothing of any use to any of us. Click on the tab to find out more.

 The Green Dot does not necessarily mean that the packaging is recyclable, will be recycled or has been recycled. It is a symbol used on packaging in some European countries and signifies that the producer has made a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of packaging in Europe. 

broadband and wifi

Broadband providers all give an estimated and sometimes guaranteed minimum signal speed to the house and it is that speed which determines how much your monthly cost will be. However - it's not Broadband we want - it's a good WiFi signal for our laptops, iPads, Xboxes or smart TVs. Otherwise it's like having a freezer, but no guarantee when and if it will be cold each day! This means that although your incoming fibre Broadband speed may be 60-70mbps, you could only be getting 10-20 mbps to your devices.

Typically, each person needs at least 9mbps. The ever useless OFCOM tells us there are no regulations for WiFi and if change is required, we need to write to our local MP - lol - can you imagine an MP bothering about our WiFi service?! If you have WiFi issues, Sky tells us they will soon have a device that will be able to find the cause of WiFi issues inside houses, but for now, are we gambling on a blind hand of cards?

However there is a new thought that the advent of 5G may give us the opportunity to ditch broadband, as we know it, altogether - wouldn't that be nice. You might want to check out the article from 'How-to Geek' about this potential transformation of how we connect from our homes and offices.


Health - how are you?


The body MOT . . . . You keep your car tuned up - Simple preventive measures could save your life.

Isn't it remarkable that we take our car in for its annual MOT, yet ignore our body until something actually goes wrong? A body MOT would obviously be reassuring and yet, if you talk to doctors and medical specialists, you would discover that most of them do not have regular check-ups!

Why have check ups?

The main reason for getting a health screening is to detect abnormalities or disease at an early stage, so that treatment can be commenced as soon as possible in order to prolong life.

So what diseases actually kill us, and how can they be detected or even prevented from starting? 

The three commonest causes of death in this country are: 

 Heart attacks 

 Strokes 

 Cancer

These 'dread diseases' account for well over 80 per cent of all deaths. We know that certain risk factors can make you more prone to developing these killer diseases, and if we can identify those factors we could prevent many premature deaths.

So let's see what should be included in a simple MOT.

The 'Risk Factors'

1. Family History

If there is a history of heart attacks and/or stokes in your family, particularly affecting relatives before the age of sixty, then you may be at a higher risk of getting these. Specific cancers can also occur more commonly in certain families. For example, if your mother or a sister has had breast cancer you may be more at risk of developing that tumour. 

High blood pressure and raised cholesterol can run in families, and these conditions put you more at risk of developing heart attacks and strokes. 

2. Smoking

Lung cancer is more common in smokers, but other cancers such as cancer of the mouth, lip, tongue, voice box (larynx), gullet, breast, kidney, bladder, pancreas, penis and cervix also occur more frequently.

Smokers are also more at risk of developing gangrene, angina, heart attack, stroke, bronchitis, brain haemorrhage and peptic ulcers. 

3. Weight

Being overweight puts you at risk of high blood pressure, and therefore heart attacks and stroke. But few people realise that overweight and obese women are more likely to get breast cancer, gall stones and cancer of the gall bladder!

4. Blood Pressure

Raised blood pressure puts you at risk of suffering from a stroke, heart attacks, brain haemorrhage and kidney disease. A blood pressure reading persistently above 160/95 is classed as being above normal, and needs treatment with medication.

5. Cholesterol

This a type of fat which is normally present in our blood stream. When it exceeds a certain level, we are in danger of developing heart attacks, strokes, angina and circulation problems. The ideal blood cholesterol level is 5.2, and levels above this should lowered. 

6. Diabetes

This condition where the blood sugar level is raised, places the sufferer at greater risk of many medical problems such as heart attack, stroke, circulation problems, sight defects and kidney disorders. The early signs of this disease include excessive thirst, passing urine frequently and a desire for sweet foods. 

Human MOT

This 'Human MOT' checks six important risk factors and the first three risks can be checked without even going to the doctor: 

1 Family History

Has anyone in the family had heart disease, stroke or any from of cancer, under the age of 60 years? If so discuss this finding with your doctor. 

2 Smoking

Do you smoke? If you do, you should stop. 40% of smokers do not reach retirement! Ask your local pharmacist or your doctor for help in stopping smoking.

3 Weight

You know if you have a weight problem!

The next three 'risks' can only be assessed by a doctor or nurse, and your own GP will decide if you need these tests done. If there is any heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol problems affecting any family member under sixty, then the following should be checked: 

4 Blood pressure

It only takes a couple of minutes to check. 

5 Diabetes

A sample of urine is tested with a 'dipstick', which changes colour if sugar is present. 

6 Cholesterol

This requires a sample of blood to be taken from the arm. Results are usually obtained within 10 days.

So if your MOT shows normal results you have an excellent chance of enjoying a normal healthy lifespan.

To improve those chances even further, all women over 50 years of age can now have a mammogram to detect early breast cancer, and every woman over the age of 25 can have a cervical smear to detect early cancer of the cervix.

Your rights as a customer / consumer


When you buy something from a store . . . .

As a private consumer, when you buy something from any store - in person, on the phone, or on-line and it is faulty or there is a problem, your contract is with the seller from whom you bought it. The old fairy story about "We're only the agent, you need to contact the manufacturer" is incorrect or simply an attempt to pass the buck. Your contract is with whoever took your money and they are obliged to take ownership of the problem and, so long as it is within the guarantee period,  either repair it, replace it, or give you a refund, at their discretion. You do not need to contact anyone else, so stand your ground ! If unsure, click below and scroll down to 'Return Faulty Goods' or 'Changing your mind'. There's other useful stuff on there too. Note - there are often different rules for business purchases.

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